Holiday Ideas For Woodworking Projects

Ideas for Woodworking Projects – Just For The Holidays!

If  you’re a woodworker, finding ideas for woodworking projects can be a big challenge this time of year. The snow is falling, carols are sung on the streets, and Santa Clauses has already arrived  in the malls.

This is the perftect time to search for woodworking ideas that can help you create handmade gifts that will be appreciated more than anything you could buy at a store.

Instead of hitting the mall to look for the perfect present, why not make your own?

You’re a woodworker; you’ve got the skills and tools. Make this Christmas extra-special by giving your loved ones gifts you’ve made using your own hands. Trust us, they’ll love it.  To help you come up with ideas for ideas for woodworking projects and gifts that would be perfect for the holidays,  we’ve made a list of some popular woodworking projects that are perfect for the holidays. We’ve divided them into categories so you can choose and plan more easily. Sit back, read on, and think about what you want to do for this Christmas.

Wood BoxIdeas For Woodworking Projects- Small boxes and containers

                These are some of the easiest and fastest to make, especially if you’re short on time and/or have a lot of people to make gifts for. You can’t go wrong with jewelry boxes, especially for the ladies. Remember to pick wood with attractive grain and choose the kind of finish you want. To make your containers unique, you can carve oval or heart-shaped containers. You can also carve elegant patterns or paint your box in fun colors to suit whoever you’re giving it to.

Here are some things you can make:

  • Jewelry/trinket boxes
  • Tissue boxes
  • Pencil holders
  • Small planters and pots
  • Mugs

Cutting boards and dining trays

Wooden cutting boards and dining trays are simple and elegant. They’re easy to make. The trick here is how to make them interesting and, well, not just boring planks of wood. Choosing the kind of wood you’re going to use is, of course, very important. And then you can choose the patterns you want. Here are some popular design ideas for cutting boards and dinner trays:

  • Checkerboard – a classic design for cutting boards.
  • Carvings on the edges – whether it’s sunflowers or snowmen, designs on the edges of cutting boards and dining trays will always be visible no matter what you put on the boards and trays themselves.
  • Paint – it’s Christmas, so why not paint Santa Claus on your cutting boards and dining trays? If you want a more year-round design, you can opt for bright (but not neon) hues, or you can choose earth tones.

Wooden utensils

                Utensils are the best things you can give to cooking enthusiasts and food lovers. Wooden utensils give the kitchen a homey, cozy feel because it’s so traditional. You can make spatulas, wooden spoons and forks, etc. You can make a set and put them in a wooden container (also made by you; see above). You can also choose to make just one or two (say, a spatula and a fork) and focus on making them as intricate and beautiful as you can. OR you can make huge utensils, beautifully carved, which your recipient can use to decorate his or her kitchen.


If you’ve got the time and skills, we highly recommend that you make toys for your children, little siblings, or your favorite nephews and nieces this Christmas. Traditional gifts include horses, wooden puppets and dolls, etc. Making some of these toys requires time and delicate handiwork, but we guarantee the kids will love them (and brag about them).

Here is a list of MORE toys you can make for the kids with your own hands:

  • Rocking horse
  • Wooden puppets and dolls
  • Furniture for said dolls
  • Wooden wagons
  • Toy boxes and treasure chests
  • Wooden airplanes and ships
  • Wooden cars and trains

Small decorative shelves

                You may not have the time to make cabinets and large shelves with Christmas so near, but you can still make a decorative wall shelf (or shelves) and then give them to someone as a gift. As with the trays, the trick here is to make blocks of wood attractive. We suggest you design patterns and carvings, and perhaps choose the paints you’ll use if that’s what’s suitable for your/your recipient’s home.

Picture frames

                Picture frames are a gift-giving staple for all occasions, and you can make several of these on a short time. For a personalized touch, carve your friend’s name, or his or her favorite things. Paint the frame in his or her favorite color. You can also make Christmas-themed frames where you can put your favorite holiday pictures.

Christmas specials

                Because it is the Christmas season, it’s the time to give out Christmas-themed gifts. You can paint your work to give it a more cheerful, festive look, or you can carve your design for elegance (and also so you can use it for the rest of the year). The most important thing is that your finished product has to be Christmas-y. It has to evoke the season. Throw in snow and snowmen, pine trees, Santa Claus and his elves… It’s Christmas; you can be as clichéd as you want.

Here are some things you can make that are Christmas-y and don’t belong to any of the above categories:

  • Snowman/Santa Claus/Christmas tree mantelpieces
  • Reindeer and snowmen – for decorating your yard. You can add Santa for bonus points.
  • Christmas-themed paperweights
  • Christmas-themed luminaries – just remember to put your candle in a glass jar first to prevent scorching
  • Wooden Christmas ornaments – stars, Christmas balls, etc.
  • Christmas-themed mitten hangers
  • Holidaywreaths

There are many more kinds of woodcrafts you can make just in time for Christmas. For more ideas, you can check out woodworking blogs and magazines, or you can just look around and take inspiration from the things you see. Maybe you can make a holiday-themed variation of your neighbor’s mailbox sitter or your coat rack.

                We hope these ideas for woodworking projectsw will inspire  you to creat some great gifts that will be cherished for years.  Merry Christmas and happy woodworking!



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